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Dalmatians in Road Trials

A Dalmatian Road Trial is a performance event designed to evaluate the Dalmatian's ability to "coach", or follow the horses. Exhibitors compete as handler on horseback or in a horse-drawn cart or carriage, with dog(s) off leash. The Dalmatian Standard of the American Kennel Club states that the Dalmatian "should be capable of great endurance, combined with a fair amount of speed", qualities essential to his successful use as a horse/rider and horse/coach escort. The purpose of a Road Trial is to demonstrate the use of purebred Dalmatians as a companion of man in the role that they have been bred to perform.

There are three levels of Road Trial Competition. The "Coaching Certificate" test evaluates the Dalmatian's ability to coach. The "Road Dog" class evaluates coaching ability and moderate endurance. The "Road Dog Excellent" class evaluates coaching ability and extended endurance. Road Trials demonstrate Dalmatians' ability to behave in public places, such as riding trails, in the presence of other dogs, in a manner that will reflect positively on the sport and on purebred dogs. The performance of dog and handler over the Road Trial course must be accurate and correct, and must conform to the requirements of these Regulations. It is also essential, however, that the dog demonstrates willingness and enjoyment of his work throughout.

Road Trials are sport, and all participants should be guided by the principles of good sportsmanship at all times. Dalmatian Road Trials are sanctioned by, and titles awarded by, the Dalmatian Club of America.

Special thanks to GPDC members Jennifer Furlong and Gayle Geiger for these road trial pictures.

To find out more information on Road Trials - please see the DCA Offical site



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