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Dalmatians in Obedience
Obedience training is the ability of an owner and dog to perform specific tasks together as a team. Basic obedience would involve simple commands like SIT, STAY, COME, and HEEL. This training will make your dog more manageable and make your outdoor or indoor activities together much more enjoyable. 

Dalmatians, like any other dog needs obedience training. Dalmatians have a reputation for being stubborn, but on the contrary, Dalmatians are very intelligent but easily bored with repetition. Dalmatians are known as being a soft dog (sensitive) and require a lot of positive reinforcement (REWARDS) and very little negative and rough corrections during training. 

Obedience teaches your Dalmatian to respect and listen to their owner and teaches the owner how to properly train the Dalmatian. As a dog progresses, they may become involved in more advanced exercises are shown in the pictures below.

Another aspect related to Obedience is covered under Road Trials, obedience while on horseback. If you are interested, check out this page and some of our GPDC club members competing in Road Trials.

For more information on AKC Obedience competition rules and regulations,  go to AKC's website.

**NEW ** January 2005, Rally obedience is a big hit!! Read more about Rally Obedience here.



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